Services We offer




  • Establish Property Management Agreement
  • Open Owner Specific Checking Account
  • Collect Previous Agreements
  • Issue Management Transfer Notice
  • Inspect Property and Create Maintenance Plan
  • Transfer Existing Maintenance Services
  • Initialize Bookkeeping and Provide Property Budget



  • Perform comparative market analysis
  • Establish listing agreement
  • Install sign and lock box
  • Create multiple listing service and website advertising
  • Show property and track traffic



  • Collect application fee and process rental application
  • Perform credit check and state criminal check
  • Verify employment and income
  • Check prior rental references
  • Provide owner with recommendation




  • Negotiate lease terms
  • Establish lease agreement
  • Collect security deposit and first month’s rent
  • Deposit security deposit into escrow account
  • Transfer utilities and reduce lawn care
  • Provide welcome letter



  • Collect rent
  • Deposit rent into owner account
  • Issue late notices and collect late fees
  • Pay bills from owner account
  • Balance owner account



  • Perform proactive maintenance
  • Receive customer requests
  • Notify owner
  • Issue work orders
  • Inspect property



  • Perform move-out inspection
  • Issue final inspection letter
  • Distribute security deposit
  • Transfer utilities and increase lawn care


  • Issue monthly income and expense reports
  • Provide original receipts